Frequently Asked Questions

A: All documents, forms and processes are specific to the state and the industry. Additionally, an optional feature allows custom company documents to be added to New Hire packets.

A: HotlinkHR is incredibly intuitive. Initial training for managers and employees is automated through the Solution and typically takes less than 20 minutes. An online orientation done with a trainer is available for HR administrators which typically takes less than an hour. Online tutorials are available for most of the functions in the Solution, and screen tips, process prompts, and “more info” icons are found throughout the program. If you ever need additional training, it may be scheduled with a live online trainer for no additional charge.

A: HotlinkHR is available at a special monthly subscription rate that allows you to use as much or as little of the system as you desire.

A: Optional email notifications may be set up for the Administrative Action Bulletin, New Applications, and Due/Overdue Activities. Notifications are consolidated into a single daily email for management. The system can also be set up to email employees when they have Due/Overdue activities. An email is sent only when notification is needed.

A: The employment application can be submitted from essentially any computer connected to the internet. The management program requires an up-to-date web browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome) with the ability to view and print PDF files. Popups must be enabled for the site. Adobe Flash is required to view some of the training and tutorial videos.

A: HotlinkHR is entirely web-based and runs totally on HotlinkHR secured servers. Therefore, no data will be lost if your computer crashes. If your workstation is not functional, you can log onto HotlinkHR from another computer.

A: The online application is linked to your company’s home page. Applicants can apply from essentially any computer connected to the internet. You can also set up a designated computer at your company location and applicants can apply on site.

A: HotlinkHR provides state specific employment applications to meet your operation’s needs. You may also insert questions as part of the application process for any specific job.

A: HotlinkHR includes complete applicant tracking, including an automated requisitions for approval to fill positions, online applications, prescreening of applicant requirements by position, automatic audit of applications pertaining to applicant information, and the system automates the entire hiring process, including conditional offer letters, pay plans, job descriptions, authorization for screening, and completed background reports.

A: Custom documents may be posted for viewing, printing, and, if desired, electronic signing. Custom documents may be posted as new hire documents and forms. 

A: The data is stored indefinitely. Data is continuously mirrored and backed up in duplicate.

A: Access to the Information and functions in system is controlled by an employee’s assigned role and the access level that has been assigned to them by the operation’s system administrator. Access to sensitive data should be tightly controlled by the company assigned administrator.

A: Unlike many software packages, unlimited technical support is included. You may contact technical support by email or telephone.

A: Live phone support is available during business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday excluding U.S. holidays. A voicemail message or email may be submitted anytime. Technical support requests submitted outside of business hours may not be answered until the next business day.

A: HotlinkHR provides standard employee and manager training courses. Anti-Harassment for Managers (English and Spanish), Anti-Harassment for Employees (English and Spanish), Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (English), I-9 Compliancy for Managers and How to Interview Applicants for Managers

A: Additional training may be scheduled with a live online HotlinkHR trainer at any time for no additional charge. There are online tutorials for most functions in HotlinkHR as well as screen tips, process prompts, and “more info” icons throughout the program.

A: There is no additional charge for the HR Advice function; it is part of the monthly service.

A: You may contact Fine, Boggs & Perkins LLP whenever you need telephone HR advice. The service is intended to provide general HR guidance. Many clients consider this one of the most valuable services, saving them the cost of being billed for simple telephone calls to HR advice providers or legal counsel. This service does not provide written advice, document preparation, investigations and/or legal representation.

A: HotlinkHR is not a provider of legal services. HotlinkHR is intended to be an automated tool to assist Management and should not be used as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from counsel. If a company requires legal representation, it should contact labor and employment legal counsel that is licensed within the state. The law firm of Fine, Boggs & Perkins, LLP may be contacted to request specific legal advice or legal representation.

A: Pricing is based on the total number of employees at each company location and the total number of company points of service.

A: Your company data will be provided upon severance of your contract through secure file download. The data export consists of an Excel spreadsheet with clearly defined rows and columns of exported data plus a folder structure of all stored and uploaded document files.