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Stay in compliance with both Federal and State Regulations

Modern HR is way beyond “personnel management.” Today’s HR Professionals have to navigate a modern minefield of legal compliance issues just to hire, train and manage employees. HotlinkHR provides the most comprehensive state-of-the-art HR and compliance solution for today’s companies.

Forces Best HR Practice

Training and guidelines are useless if they are not complied with. Employers have neither the time nor inclination to ensure compliance with ever-changing requirements. HotlinkHR automates the required procedures in a step-by-step method that guides the correct process.

HotlinkHR is regularly updated in response to legislative and regulatory changes. HotlinkHR is the only provider to offer such a comprehensive compliance service through an automated process.

Modern Regulatory Compliance

HotlinkHR automates the required procedures in easy-to-learn program that guides the correct process for legal compliance and HR best practices through the entire employment life cycle.

Employers are required to comply with a myriad of local, state and federal employment regulations. These regulations are difficult to understand, poorly communicated by the regulatory agencies and continually changing. Compliance presents a confusing and overwhelming task for operations. The cost of non-compliance continues to rapidly escalate in both punitive fines and employee litigation settlements. The challenge is especially exacerbated during economic downturns due to increase in employee litigation.

Free Updates & Support

The program is regularly updated free of additional charge.

As regulations change, HotlinkHR automatically updates polices, forms, documents and processes. Live Technical Support is always free as is Online Training. Training is provided through live online web sessions where you work directly with an experienced trainer to make sure that your training needs are met.

HotlinkHR Features

  • Get answers to your HR questions. While you may have some limited access to help through a trade association, HR Hotlink provides the benefit of a FREE HR advice initiated by telephone or through the HR Hotlink system, through a retainer established between you and the law firm of Fine, Boggs & Perkins LLP, allowing you to obtain telephone HR advice when you need it.. You will get answers directly from attorneys who are experienced in labor and employment law specifics
  • Saves your company money by determining the most advantageous and legally correct method of wage calculation with automated calculators
  • Records calculations for retrieval anytime
  • Provides easy-to-understand guides for determining overtime for Commission Salespersons and Flat Rate Employees
  • Assures and forces the correct hiring steps
  • Automatic application auditor identifies and flags areas of concern that require further investigation
  • Speed loader for easy processing of high volume applications
  • Records how many openings of each position posted and tracks status automatically
  • Interview Guidelines including the Do’s and Don’ts of a Good Interview
  • Electronic Signature authorization for drug and background screening and applicant agreements including customized At-Will and Arbitration agreements
  • Automatically populates and generates authorizations for drug screenings and conditional offer
  • Electronically submits E-Verify and background checks, automatically displays results and follow-up procedures
  • HotlinkHR provides the correct steps and follow-up procedures for background screenings while ensuring all rules and regulations are executed correctly for “Ban the Box” requirements
  • Automates non-criminal background reports and then electively submits for criminal background reports
  • Automates audits when denying an applicant based on criminal background reports
  • Communicates automatically with applicants for all rejection and offer letters
  • Automated I-9 preparation prevents collection of wrong documents and notifies you when a document needs to be renewed or purged
  • Removes the guesswork and ensures accurate on-time completion
  • On-line Managers training for I-9 Compliancy
  • Automatically prepares New Hire documents that can be wet-signed or electronically signed, then automatically stores into the electronic file cabinet
  • Creates New Hire documents for any company job position
  • Includes all State and Federal New Hire forms in English and Spanish where required
  • Auto-populates the entire New Hire Packet
  • Allows addition of customized company documents
  • Allows new employee to review and electronically sign acknowledgement of associated policies
  • Automatically updates federal and state regulatory New Hire documents
  • Builds and publishes employee handbooks with customizable legally prudent policies
  • Automatically builds table of contents with hyperlinks
  • Builds company handbooks and training manuals with employee tracking and reporting
  • Includes the ability to upload current PDF Handbooks
  • Tracks signing of handbooks by employees
  • Includes examples and guides for company specific pay plans
  • Creates, stores and assigns pay plans with e-signatures
  • Builds individualized manager and employee pay plans through a builder/wizard
  • Allows company to upload own custom trainings as PDFs converted from PowerPoint Presentations
  • Tests employee’s training, reviews incorrect answers and collects electronic signatures on associated policies
  • Tracks completion of all trainings, including company training completed outside of the HotlinkHR system, and electronically notifies employees when mandatory trainings are due
  • Automated disciplinary actions assures that managers follow the legally prudent process in applying corrective action for performance deficiencies and rule violations
  • Provides easy access to company Employee Handbook, Job Description and past disciplinary actions during disciplinary actions
  • Automatic audit of intended disciplinary action identifies when additional consultation with company designated resources is advised before proceeding with the disciplinary action
  • Option to require HR review of disciplinary actions before any action or discussion with the employee
  • Electronically records and prints the associated policies and certificates
  • Employee complaints can be submitted confidentially or anonymously
  • Employees are required to provide complete information to resolve the issue and to establish details of early incident record
  • Responses to complaints are easily communicated and managed by company Hotline Coordinator
  • Provides electronic notification when a new report is made or needs attention
  • Builds audits for any company process and includes setup for references and standards
  • Provides for easy administration across multiple company operations
  • Creates initial assessments and on-going audits
  • Provides automated audit reports for company’s senior management
  • Allows for self-identification by the employees in accordance with EEOC guidelines
  • Automatically prepares EEO-1 reports for individual properties or as combined reports
  • Notifies company when EEO-1 report is due
  • Collects and consolidates all email bulletins into one daily email for company employees
  • Sends upcoming Due and Overdue notifications for training, handbooks, policies, job descriptions, pay plans, etc.
  • Includes the ability to automatically send email notifications to external contacts
  • System automatically updates for easy reporting
  • Creates company and department organization employee lists
  • Creates custom reports with “open queries” of primary employee demographic information for
    • Workgroup, Position, Evaluator, Start Date, Status Full/Part-time, SSN, DL, D of B, All Employee Personal Information, Pay Rate, Pay History, Hours Worked, Pay Periods, Change Amounts, etc.
  • Automatically files personnel documents, policies and performance management created in the system into an electronic file cabinet for quick access
  • Allows for other personnel and company's documents to be scanned and stored in the file cabinet
  • Allows for documents to be viewed by employee or company
  • HotlinkHR Compliance Management System utilizes an on-demand structure (SAAS model) for security and reliability. All information is securely hosted on HotlinkHR's RAID-6, load-balanced servers. Employee information and records are transmitted using a cryptographic system through Secure Sockets Layers (SSL). The data is continually mirrored and backed up in duplicate, then stored off-site at a secured data repository. HotlinkHR is SOC 2 compliant for SSAE-1 certification which is the "gold standard" for data security
  • FREE unlimited use of HotlinkHR's fully automated E-Verify interface process
  • Compares the employee's I-9 data to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility to work in the United States
  • Archives the entire E-Verify process for each employment eligibility verification
  • Provides case results within 3-5 seconds
  • Provides quick access to common company guides, forms and reports such as Interview Guidelines, Investigating a Loss of Money, Investigating a Complaint of Harassment, Employee Action Report, and Employee Counseling Report
  • Automates HR paper-based processes, improving efficiency and saving time and money
  • Management can access, review and print employee information and documents whenever needed
  • Helps protect the environment as it simplifies your document retrieval
  • Convenient links are placed on company’s web page allowing applicants to apply for job positions over the internet from anywhere
  • Lawyer recommended California company application is provided.
  • Application is customizable when needed
  • Application is available in English and Spanish
  • Position specific questions may be added by company
  • Provides position specific control for attaching resumes
  • Allows applicant search by position, company, location or keyword
  • Speed loader allows for easy processing of high volume applications
  • Records how many are available of each position posted and tracks status automatically
  • Automatically notifies managers by email when an applicant applies for a position in their workgroup
  • Provides an Automatic Interview Scheduler for qualified applicants that interfaces to your Outlook calendars
  • Automates non-criminal background reports and then electively submits for criminal background reports
  • Tracks the ten-day waiting period for sending the final rejection letter if applicant is denied employment because of the background check
  • Automatically routes requisition submission and approvals
  • Records the number of each company’s posted positions and tracks their status automatically
  • Easily creates a new position or refills an existing position
  • Allows HR to easily manage all aspects of the company job requisition process from each department
  • Upon final approval the hiring department manager receives a confirmation of the open requisition and posting
  • Creates and organizes company Job Descriptions for any position
  • Includes an extensive library of company Job Description templates for most automotive industry positions
  • Current company job descriptions are easily converted or can be attached as PDFs
  • Job descriptions may be posted with company position openings
  • Tracks employee review of assigned Job Descriptions
  • Allows for uploading and publishing of company policies
  • Builds company policies for managers and employees with tracking by individual and by workgroup
  • Presents interactive training in streaming videos
  • Provides mandatory training modules including Anti-Harassment for Employees both (English and Spanish) and Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (AB 1825 Compliant)
  • Provides Interview Training, I-9 Compliance and Customer Information Security training
  • Included training modules test employee’s training, reviews incorrect answers and collects electronic signatures on associated policies
  • Automated Performance Evaluations guide managers step-by-step through the process to complete proper performance evaluations
  • Provides option for self-evaluations as part of the Employee Evaluation
  • Provides immediate access to Job Description, past evaluations and disciplinary actions
  • Displays valuable metrics to improve rating reliability and to discourage rating inflation including last behavior score, last self-evaluation score, behavior average and evaluator average for each of thirty-five behaviors
  • Automatically notifies employee and manager of upcoming evaluations
  • Option to require HR review of performance evaluations before discussing review with the employee
  • Assures the proper termination steps are followed by Management and HR, then electronically records and prints the needed documents
  • Terminations can be initiated by managers, if desired, then approved by Human Resources
  • Records rehire status
  • Automatically populates and electronically records into electronic file cabinet and prints all termination documents including discipline and voluntary termination
  • Provides comprehensive easy-to-understand guides and policies for implementing a thorough on-going customer information security program with CIS Audit Template included
  • Meets the standards of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • Automates Initial Assessment and ongoing Safeguard Audits
  • Provides automated audit reports for senior management
  • Tracks all types of employee, state, manufacturer and company licenses and certificates
  • Electronically notifies employees and managers of upcoming renewal requirements
  • Notifications can be emailed or printed to be mailed to employees and managers
  • Automatically pulls license and certificate information from employment applications and stores in the electronic filing system
Provides personalized reporting for each manager which collects and consolidates over 50 email bulletins into one daily email including the following notifications:
  • Hiring Steps Status
  • Hotline Reports
  • EEO-1 Reporting
  • Need to Sign Documents
  • Performance Management
  • Customer Information Security
  • Company’s Audits
  • Discipline Reports
  • HR Admin reviews
  • Leave Requests
  • Returning from Leave
  • Trainings Activity
  • Handbook Reviews
  • New Applicants
  • New Hires
  • New Terminations
  • etc.
  • Automatic pass and fail levels may be set for job-related and general questions
  • Automatic application auditor identifies and flags areas of concern that require further investigation
  • Posted and updated by Fine, Boggs and Perkins llp to keep company HR and management informed about developments in California employment law
  • Automatically notifies managers and payroll when a new employee is hired
  • Includes CSV export/import file tool for exporting information to your payroll system or, optionally, may be integrated through the use of web services
  • Red Flag Rules Expansion
  • Identifies likely business-specific identity theft red flags
  • Includes automated process for detecting and recording red flags in day-to-day operations
  • Prompts to act to prevent and mitigate harm when red flags are identified
  • Live Technical Support is always free
  • Training is provided through live online web sessions where you work directly with an experienced trainer to make sure that your training needs are met
  • How to Video Tutorials and Quick Tips are included with the system
New Features Coming Soon
  • Efficiently manages the entire FMLA leave process
  • Provides real-time calculation of intermittent time used and time remaining
  • Documents and transmits employee’s leave requests through a web-based interactive system
  • Calendars and tracks leave accruals, leave taken and leave remaining through an easy-to-use interactive calendar
  • Customizes benefit packages for various insurance groups
  • Opens new enrollment sessions and notifies individual employees or group
  • Tracks and creates custom reports for Health Plans and Benefits with open queries of employees
  • Reviews and processes change requests one-by-one or in batches
  • Prepares the federal forms 1094-B, 1094-C, 1095B, and 1095-C