About Us

HotlinkHR was conceived out of a vision to simplify the entire world of employment
legal compliance and human resources functions for today's companies

HotlinkHR does not merely automate human resource tasks, it "forces process" to assist compliance with state and Federal labor regulations. Training and guidelines are useless if they are not complied with and often employees have neither the time nor inclination to ensure compliance with ever-changing requirements. HotlinkHR automates the required procedures in a step-by-step method that guides the correct process. The program is regularly updated in response to legislative and regulatory changes. HotlinkHR provides online employment applications, a step-by-step automated rejection and acceptance process, automated drug and background reporting, auto-populated new hire packets, online employee handbooks, electronically tracked employee training, an information security program and much more.

Are you hiring the right applicants? Or, did you mistakenly hire the "Walking Lawsuit" or the "Employee from Hell?" Are you training your managers on the DO's and DON'Ts of proper behavioral interviewing? Complicated regulations, laws unfriendly to employers and a problem employee could bring a lawsuit knocking on your door. HotlinkHR fortifies your legal position by automatically telling you what you need to do during the hiring process. We give you the up-to-date, legally-prudent documentation. We even fill out the forms for you! It's all electronic and all automated. From electronic application and background check processing to employee on-boarding and legally mandated training, HotlinkHR is the one-stop solution for complete employee life-cycle management and documentation.

Knowing what to do is not enough. Telling people what to do is not enough. To succeed, you need a tool that forces the correct process. Without it, your staff does not have the resources to comply with ever-changing regulations. HotlinkHR automates and fully integrates the correct processes, and prevents missing or ignoring the requirements of compliance.

* HotlinkHR is not a provider of legal services. The content of HotlinkHR, or any part of it should not be construed as providing legal advice to any person accessing the management system. HotlinkHR is not intended to be and should not be assumed to be an all inclusive mechanism for legal compliance. HotlinkHR is intended to be an automated tool to assist compliance and should not be used as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from counsel. All legal aspects of HotlinkHR are provided by and backed by Fine, Boggs & Perkins LLP.